Kylie Jenner Has Been Accused Of Copying A Makeup Artist’s Work

The teenager has found herself under fire AGAIN...

Christmas is edging closer and closer (only 4 more weeks to go!) meaning the holiday beauty products and collections are now ready and waiting to be bought.

One brand that has a particularly impressive holiday product arsenal is Kylie Jenner’s makeup line. She has released a number of brand new, limited edition products – 10 to be precise – as well as a number of holiday bundles, where you can purchase a HUGE amount of product all at once. Idea for the perfect Xmas present to ourselves?

In true Kylie style, the brand released some absolutely gorgeous promotional pictures showcasing the stunning products.

Kylie wearing The Bronze Palette and Vixen & Merry #holidayedition matte lipkits. Monday 1pm.

A photo posted by Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) on

While we were busy falling head-over-heels in love with the pics  (THOSE BROWS THOUGH) some eagle-eyed Instagram users spotted something suspicious about the pic.

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Many users were quick to point out the likeness between Kylie’s promotional picture and a picture posted months earlier by makeup artist Vlada Haggerty.

See No Evil Beauty series with the amazing team ❤ Photographer and retoucher @juliakuzmenko Model: @brittrafuson of @osbrinkmodels Makeup by me _________________ Skin: a custom shade blend of @anastasiabeverlyhills Stick to Flawless foundations, @patmcgrathreal Skin Fetish balm, @smashboxcosmetics LA Lights blendable lip and Cheeks color in Laurel Canyon Coral, Ben Nye clear setting powder Brows: @urbandecaycosmetics Brow Beater in Dark and Brow Tamer in Dark Lips: custom blend of red and black lipsticks with clear gloss on top Hands: @mehronmakeup Gold powder mixed with their mixing liquid #makeup #beauty #beautyphotography #model #skinglow #skinfetish #patmcgrathlabs #marcjacobs #marcbeauty #cleanbeauty #cleanmakeup #urbandecaycosmetics #smashbox #smashboxcosmetics #anastasiabeverlyhills #osbrink #osbrinkmodels #makeupartist #juliakuzmenko #vladamua

A photo posted by Vlada Haggerty (@vladamua) on

If you take a look at the picture in question posted by Vlada, you can see that it’s similar in many ways. Pretty much every way…. Eeeek!

Rightfully so, Vlada didn’t hesitate to point out the similarities to her 463k Instagram followers with a post captioned, ‘Really @kyliecosmetics?
Haven’t you gotten enough ‘inspiration’ from me already? Left is a the work @juliakuzmenko, @brittrafuson and I shot a few months ago and right is @kyliecosmetics new campaign’ [sic].

We mean, there’s no arguing that the pics are basically identical.

Users were also shocked by the similarities, with many pointing it out in the comments of Kylie’s photo.


But, there were some people that backed Kylie’s corner…


This comes after Vlada and Kylie have previously clashed after Kylie used another one of Vlada’s photos without crediting it.

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Vlada addressed the controversy in an Instagram post captioned, ‘I would like to address something . To all those people commenting that my creations look like Kylie’s line. If you go way down my page you will see the date of the original post that “inspired” her team. You know what I mean when I say “inspired”. So, please refrain from saying I am copying her because it’s the other way around. All those magazine publications prove my point.’ [sic]

Kylie has since deleted the post on her account.

Ahhh. So very awkward.

We hope the pair can work this out as soon as possible!

By Catherine Delves