Kristen Stewart Reveals The Real Reason Behind Her Super Short Hair ‘Do

The Twilight star totally pulls off her new look

When Kristen Stewart stepped out with a new buzzcut early in the week, we were shocked at how much we loved it. And now we’ve heard her reason for having the dramatic short cut, we totally get it, too!

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Stewart, who also dyed her hair platinum, has been out and about promoting her new film Personal Shopper. The actress looked incredible at the latest premiere which was held in New York. Wearing a sparkling halter neck gown, Kristen complemented her newly shaved ‘do with pink glittery eyes and sculpted cheeks.

Kristen shaved her head for ‘practical’ reasons

Earlier that day the star had revealed on The Today Show she chose this super short haircut for ‘practical’ reasons…

“It’s practical. I mean, I’m not going to be able to have touch-ups once they put the helmet on my head.”

By ‘they’ she means William Eubank, director of her new film Underwater. In the film Kristen plays a badass mechanical engineer who works on oil rigs.

So, there you have it! The real reason Kristen shaved her head. It was practical. Fair enough.

Good thing it looks ridiculously good on the beautiful star, eh?