Krispy Kremes Have Launched Doughnut Flavoured Lipglosses

And yes, they are freaking delicious

There are few things better in life than chowing down on a freshly baked box of krispy kremes. Amirite?

Well, hold that thought because Krispy Kreme may have just outdone themselves. Dipping their big toes into the world of beauty the brand is releasing a collection of doughnut flavoured lipglosses. Yep, shut the front door, we kid you not.

Flavours include the very dreamy Strawberry Iced, Strawberry Sprinkles, Glazed Chocolate Cake and of course, Original Glazed. Inspired by the internet’s current craze of glossy highlighted cheekbones, they’re designed to give lips the ultimate sheen, which will be pretty hard to keep on once you smell how delicious the glosses actually are.

If you do manage to keep it on for long enough, don’t forget to get camera phone clicking, because a few snaps are likely to gain you more insta follows considering how adorable the packaging is. I mean mini doughnuts?! Hashtag cute af.

There is just one teeny drawback though. Officially they haven’t hit UK shelves just yet. BUT, you can get your paws on one if you head over to eBay where they’re coming in at only a fiver, what’s not to love?