Kourtney Kardashian Slams Her Sisters’ OTT Make-Up

Kourtney Kardashian is looking hotter than ever right now.

From her flawless hair and skin to her consistently on-fleek outfits, the 36-year-old is oozing confidence, and let’s just say she’s feeling pretty sassy. 

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kourtney kardashian no makeup Kourtney has always pioneered the fresh-faced, natural look…


Kourtney has never been one to mince her words, and part of her charm is the fact that she’s never really confirmed to the Kardashian/Jenner stereotype.

Often seen bickering with Kim and over her slightly selfie-obsessed ways, she knows exactly how to bring her sisters back down to earth with a bang. And this time, her topic of attack of make-up.

In a new episode of Keeping up with The Kardashians, the mum-of-three slammed Kim for her love of contouring, stating that she prefers a much more natural look. 

kim kardashian contouring Kourtney has attacked Kim’s love of contouring…


‘I cannot stand crazy contour, the highlight, the highlighted cheek, [and] the lashes,’ she told Kim, who let out an embarrassed giggle.

And then came the corker: ‘Aren’t you supposed to look pretty and not like a clown?’ she added. LOL. Trust Kourtney to be subtle.

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kourtney kardashian and kendall jenner at kris jenner birthday party Kourtney likes a killer red lip like the rest of them, but keep contouring away from her…


Seeing as all of her sisters are huge fans of the heavily made-up, contoured look, we’re not sure how these comments will go down.

Not that Kourtney cares. And she’s totally working that less-is-more-look – just look at that skin!

Keep doing you, Kourt.

kylie jenner makeup blue contact lenses Kourtney isn’t a big fan of the OTT make-up looking, saying it looks ‘clownish’