Kourtney Kardashian has started highlighting her butt…

That’s right, highlighting makeup has finally hit the final frontier; Kourtney Kardashian is using glow enhancers to contour and highlight her actual her butt.

Revealing the cheeky technique on Snapchat yesterday, Kourtney took us behind the scenes with her on her latest photoshoot. And boy, was it a full house!

From the camera crew to the glam squad, Kourt filmed all the action while posing on a bed in a cute white crop top and matching bottoms. But while the reason for the shoot is still a mystery, we do know one thing – she’s looking smokin’.



Getting her glow on from cheek to toe, the star revealed that she and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, the Kardashian fam’s chief glam guru, had been topping up her tan with some strategic highlighting…

Yep, butt highlights.

Explaining that the pair were “doing a little booty highlight”, Kourt filmed Mario buffing highlighter into the skin on her butt cheek and upper thigh using a super soft makeup brush.

Giving us a look at the final finish in her Snap story, we can certainly testify that it looked great! Though that might more down to the impressive workouts she’s been doing rather than the extra glow,

> Mario buffs highlighter into Kourtney’s booty for serious head-to-toe glow!


As with every day in the life of a Kardashian however, the day wasn’t without drama. While the behind the scenes crew all seemed to be enjoying the good vibes, there was one backstage guest who wasn’t loving all the action…

Kim Kardashian arrived on the set mid-shoot, revealing on her own Snapchat that Kourtney had actually ‘stolen’ her entire glam squad for the day!

After getting in line for a touch-up, Kim filmed herself getting the star treatment from Mario, who powdered her skin and put the final finishes to her makeup.

It’s a tough life those Kardashians are living, eh? We’ve only ever manage to pinch a few frocks from our siblings!

> Kim Kardashian arrived mid-shoot to get her own makeup perfected by Mario


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Go forth and glow!


Words: Amy Lewis