Meet Kourtney Kardashian’s Strange Health Rules

One of the reasons why we love the Kardashians is not because of their style and beauty inspo, but also for their totally weird and wonderful health tips.

First, we had Khloe Kardashian explaining how to re-organise your fridge better, and now, Kourtney has been dishing out her ultimate healthy home advice. But we warn you: some of it’s a little strange.

On her website, Khloe decided to share her sister’s no-nonsense rules with her fans, so that we can all lead happier, healthier home lives. 

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‘Kourt is such a health freak, but I can appreciate someone who tries to live their life to such a high standard!’ the 31-year-old wrote.

‘She’s totally turned her diet around after having kids and I can respect that! Kourtney is so bossy, and she’ll tell me what not to eat! I listen most of the time, LOL! Here are all the healthy living tips Kourt’s taught me that I’m passing on to you! ‘

1) No Diet Coke



Kourtney does not allow soda in her house’, Khloe explains, before adding that she has to hide her Diet Coke’s from Kourtney even in her own HOUSE. ‘The other night I was craving a Diet Coke and I had to put the soda in a coffee cup. She was like, “Who’s drinking coffee so late?” I was just happy she couldn’t tell the difference, LOL. Give me a break, Kourt! It’s not like it’s drugs – it’s a soda!!!’ LOLs.

2) Think organic



Khloe says: ‘I think it’s important to eat organic, but there are definitely times when I run to my local big-box store for groceries. When that happens, Kourtney will straight-up look through my fridge and if she sees something that is not organic, she’ll give it away!’ Crikey. She is strict.

3) Cotton pillows are a no no



Seriously. Apparently, these have been outlawed in Kourtney’s house in a bid to help her skin. ‘This isn’t exactly related to health or fitness, but Kourt convinced me to change my cotton pillowcases to silk pillowcases’, Khloe explains. ‘Apparently, silk pillow cases will prevent wrinkles. Thank you, boo!’ We’ll be stealing that one, too.

4) Bye bye, microwave….



And here come’s Kourtney’s weirdest rule. ‘My sis does not believe in my microwaves’, says Khloe. ‘She got rid of hers, and wants me to heat up everything on the stove. F*ck that! Who has the time?!’ We’re with you, KK.

5) Ezekiel bread is the one



What is it, we hear you cry? Well, a super healthy bread made up of different types of grains and legumes such as soy beans and lentils. ‘There definitely cannot be any extra flavour in breads’, Khloe explains about Kourtney’s bread taste. ‘Kourtney has told me that I need to be eating Ezekiel Bread. And I listen to her and do it – that’s why she likes me! I’m the only one who listens, LOL!’

6) No plastic



Khloe explains that if there’s one thing Kourt will NOT allow in her kitchen, it’s plastic tupawares. ‘Plastic is a big no-no in Kourt’s eyes and I’m a total convert now’, she says. ‘All my food storage containers are glass!’

Well, there you go. No plastic, and soy bean bread all the way. Are you converted yet?