Kitten Eye: How To Nail The New Eyeliner Trend

First, we had puppy liner. But now, it’s time for kitten eyes to shine.

We’re always interested in upping our liquid eyeiner game, so when we heard that kitten eyes were going to be big, we knew we needed to get involved.

When you’re thinking of the trend, think Lauren Conrad.

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lucy watson kitten eye Lucy Watson’s eyeliner game has always been strong


Because the kitten eye is basically a less exaggerated version of the cat flick – simply start in the centre of the eye and use short, small strokes to draw along the lash line.

Then, add a teeny flick at the end to give your eye a flirty lift.

Other celebrities who have been embracing the kitten are Suki Waterhouse and Lucy Watson, who practically herald the trend back when she first appeared on Made In Chelsea.

alexa chung in valentino Alexa also knows how to work the kitten flick…


We love it because it’s super clean and cute, and subtle enough to wear as part of your day make-up… But it can also be layered with smokey eyeshadow to instantly become dinner party-worthy.

Try L’Oreal’s Super Liner Perfect Slim, £6.99, to create the look for yourself. 

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suki waterhouse eyeliner Suki’s extended her kitten flick ever so slightly for a glam evening look