Kim Kardashian’s Make-Up Artist Talks About Strobing

Kim Kardashian‘s make-up artist knows his stuff. Mario Dedivanovic has been making Kim’s face flawless for the past eight years, and is now holding workshops to share his nifty tricks with a whole bunch of aspiring make-up artists (for a cool £195 per session).

And as well as having ALL the beauty tricks of the trade, we also like him because he doesn’t bite his tongue. As demonstrated in a new interview with Allure magazine, where he was asked about the new buzzford in beauty: Strobing.

According to every beauty blogger on the planet, strobing is the new contouring. It basically lets you cheat model-worthy angles by applying highlighting products on high points of the face to catch the light and create brighter, spot-lit areas.

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> Mario says he never gets bored of working with Kim’s beautiful face


But if you ask Mario? Well, he’s not such a fan. ‘The whole strobing thing doesn’t bother me at all’, he slammed. ‘It’s simply highlighting, and just like contouring, it’s been around forever. I’ll be teaching some of that too!’ Eesh! Man knows his mind. 

The make-up maestro is even a little bored of contouring, it seems. When asked if he will be teaching the popular face-chiselling technique during his Masterclass, he replied: ‘Yes! But we’ll focus more on when it’s all appropriate and when it’s not.’

Mario did have some lovely things to say about his model muse, though, and explained that (like Kanye), he could never get bored of Kim’s beautiful face. 

> Mario’s been perfecting Kim’s make-up look for eight years


‘Kim is my muse’, he said. ‘We have worked together for years and her face still inspires me until this day. I’ve never gotten bored working with her.’

So what’s his favourite bit of Kimmy K make-up to do? ‘All of her features are gorgeous but making up her eyes is a dream’, he answered. ‘She has beautiful almond shaped eyes and very long lashes, and she looks great with bronzy, nude shades.’

Yep, he’s not lying.

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> Kim Kardashian and Mario will be holding special make-up masterclases in the US


As for our favourite quote of the interview, Mario proved just what a magician he is after admitting that he’s got the power to make Kim ditch the mirror completely. Now that’s trust. 

‘She’s a very loyal client, and she really enjoys the process of make-up’, he said. ‘ I know what she likes. She’s a great listener and lets me change it up from time to time.

‘There have been so many times where I’ve done her makeup and she hasn’t even looked in the mirror before she leaves the house!’

Mario, can we hire you?

> What’s Mario’s favourite Kim feature? It’s got to be her eyes…