Kim Kardashian’s Face Causes Chaos On Instagram

Kim Kardashian has remained pretty low key on social media since giving birth to Saint, but at the weekend, she emerged on Instagram at last in a gym selfie of Kourtney’s.

And boy, has the picture caused chaos.

In the snap, Kourtney and Kim are both seen rocking black bodysuits in what looks like a gym bathroom.

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> Kourtney then shared a second snap of her, Kim and Kylie in their gym outfits


Kourtney’s hair is down and straight whilst she rocks barely-there make-up, whilst Kim wears her hair up in a high ponytail as she holds her iPhone to the mirror and pouts heavily.

Whilst both mums clearly look gorgeous, the comments soon rolled in to state that Kim’s face looked a little different to when we last saw her…

‘Omg she looks so diff here’, one fan wrote underneath the picture.

‘What’s with Kim’s [nose] she is turning into Michael Jackson’, another commented.

> Kim’s face *does* look a little different, but is it just shadows and clever make-up?


Whilst Kim’s nose does look slim and her lips plumper than plump, we can’t help but think this is probably simply down to some clever make-up artistry – hello, she is queen of the contour, after all…

And those lips? This girl knows how to pout, so perhaps she’s just made the most of her assets with a slick of plumping gloss!

Also, the photo was taken at 1am. Could Kim have just been a little puffy from being tired?

Amongst the flurry of comments about Kim’s ‘nose job’ and ‘lip fillers’, some people, at least, agreed with us, with one fan jumping to Kim’s defence by writing: ‘Kourtney is beautiful, Kim is beautiful.’ Aw.

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> Kim also shared this picture of her and Kendall over the weekend, where Kim’s lips are looking plump


The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has also chosen to ignore the speculation about her face, instead taking to Twitter on Sunday night to tweet about Saint and North.

‘Wait its 8:30 my kids are bathed,fed &asleep! U have no idea what this means 2 me! I don’t even know what 2 do with this free time! #momlife.’

Less of the chat about her rumoured surgery, and more appreciation for the superb job she’s doing as a mum, we say.

> Kim Kardashian at the end of last year…