Kim Kardashian Goes Make Up Free At PFW

The reality star left her beauty bag at her hotel and *still* looked amazing!

Paris Fashion Week has been a whirlwind for Kim Kardashian, not least because of the horrendous incident the star endured in her hotel room. Kim was the subject of an attack at gunpoint where she was tied up and robbed. Absolutely horrendous and terrifying.

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Before the robbery Kim was having a grand old time in Paris, showcasing an incredible wardrobe and even better beauty game. We haven’t had the beauty shocker Kim threw at us last PFW (remember the peroxide hair ‘do?) but for the Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week Kim did the unthinkable and went MAKE UP FREE. And we don’t mean no-make-up-make-up-free. The mum-of-two didn’t have a scrap of product on her chops and actually looked incredible.

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Yes, she probably indulged in the fanciest facial France could offer and had bags of the finest face moisturiser pummelled into her skin but still. For an A-lister to ditch her beauty bag in favour of nothing during one of the busiest fashion event on the calendar? Pretty damn impressive.

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Fans of Kimmy’s super slick beauty routine don’t worry! Kim’s make up hiatus isn’t a permanent thing, the star hasn’t sworn off concealer and contouring for the rest of time. The brunette was soon back to her glamazon best, showing off glossy eyes and the fluffiest lashes.


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After her Balenciaga visit Kimmy hit the fake tan in a major way. Taking to Snapchat, the brunette moaned about being stuck in her hotel room major fake tan session complaining she was having “serious FOMO you guys” because she couldn’t leave her hotel room. Sister Kendall, who has been hard at work all fashion month, was seen laughing at Kim before heading out for a night of fun in gay Pareeeee.

Sorry, Kim. If you want to go out and play you have to do it the night after your fake tan.

By Ellen Kerry