Kim Kardashian’s Hair Stylist Launches Dry Shampoo That Cleans Your Hair

Next level stuff from Jen Atkin.

As the woman in charge of sorting out the Kardashians hair, it’s safe to say Jen Akin knows a thing or two about style. So news of her new dry shampoo launch is very exciting indeed.

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Grab your girls…it's T-3 days to 2017 🍾🎉👠

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To be honest, dry shampoo itself isn’t really all that interesting. The powdery spray has been around for years, helping to mop up oil on hundreds of thousands of scalps. There have been developments in formula variations, application techniques and even design but so far, dry shampoo has been pretty much that. Until Ms. Atkin…

It’s not a powder…

Jen, who launched super cool hair care brand Ouai last year, has outdone herself with her new innovation. Kendal Jenner’s fave has created a dry shampoo that is actually FOAM. No desert-dry powder here. Instead of sitting on the scalp soaking up oil and adding debris, this foam actively cleanses the scalp and hair without the need for washing.

Not only the founder, but also a client. the Dry Shampoo Foam drops 1.13.17 @theouai Preorder on

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Many people struggle to use conventional dry shampoos because the powder product can irritate scaly scalps or cause white patches on dark hair. The end result is often tacky hair that still feels dirty and smells of flowers.

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Oaui’s dry shampoo foam is different. It has two powerful ingredients. The first cleanses the scalps and follicles while the second conditions, leaving locks soft, refreshed and dry.

The magic is in the ingredients

Had we not seen the video proof of this new miracle prod, we wouldn’t have believed it. Jen uses the foam on her three-day-old hair, which tbf, looks limp and flat. After a good scrub of foam, Atkin’s locks look volumised, glossy and clean.


Miraculous stuff! Plus, it gives us yet another reason to snooze in bed like a cosy muffin in the morning.