We’re Crushing On Kim Kardashian’s Earthy Glam Dubai Masterclass Look

The star accompanied her BFF and glam squad boss Mario on his trip to the land of sun and skyscrapers...

After what felt like an age away from the spotlight, Kim Kardashian made a welcome return with an appearance in Dubai.

The star, who was at the centre of a stressful and frightening robbery in Paris last year, agreed to do a previously postponed beauty Masterclass with her talented bestie Mario Dedivanovic.

Kim’s natural contour is worthy of an award

Kim’s trusted make-up artist Mario has taken his Masterclass show around the world, often with his must by his side. After the robbery Mario has to cancel his Dubai show due to Kim’s situation.

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The pair re-scheduled, much to the excitement of their beauty fans, and spent the day showing Dubai how to get Kim’s glam.

After the show Kim spent hours with 600 fans, happily posing for selfies. Mario gushed on Instagram about how wonderful Kim had been during the show, saying…

kim kardashian, mario

‘Huge thank you to @kimkardashian for her support and for flying across the world to do this class with me. My industry peers always tell me how blessed I am to have her as client and friend. It’s not often that a global superstar and beauty icon travels across the globe to sit gracefully for her makeup artist for 5 hours and take photos with 600 people right after.’

Mario Dedivanovic has been Kim’s make up artist forever

Adorable! As well as supporting her pal and being an all-round lovely lady to the fans, Kim’s loaned her beautiful face and ended up with one of our fave glam looks ever.

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The natural contouring and glossy strobing gave Kim dewy skin with soft edges. Mario used earth-toned eye shadows to build up a warm smoky eye then he used black eye liner to frame Kim’s huge eyes followed by lashings of mascara. Nude gloss finished the look.

We’d wear this minus the liner for day then with to add drama for a night out!