Kim Kardashian Does Something Weird When Contouring

There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian has become a bit of a poster girl for contouring.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians lady was an early adopter of the trend, and has since been more than happy to share tips for getting her look.

But it turns out that the way Kim does her make-up is actually a TEENY bit odd.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian has posted a new make-up video to her website


In a new teaser video posted to her website, one of her make-up artists gives a demonstration of how she perfects Kim’s look.

Hrush Achemyan reveals that she adds highlighter to Kim’s face before starting to contour, telling fans: ‘I’m just going to create downward strokes right underneath her eyes, just to brighten.’

Wait. Did she just say DOWNWARD strokes?! And isn’t that exactly the opposite to what we’ve always been taught?

Hrush Achemyan Hrush Achemyan often works with Kim Kardashian


We always thought that we should apply products in unpwards strokes, in order to avoid pulling our skin down.

But Hrush clearly has a different idea, continuing: ‘You want to use downward strokes because you don’t want to enhance pores, you want to conceal them.’

Hmmm. Well it seems to work for Kim, doesn’t it?

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Kim Kardashian Hrush Achemyan showcases the downwards stroke technique


We also can’t help noticing that someone appears to be brushing Kim’s hair with a gold toothbrush in the clip. Um, LOL.

This will be to help alleviate any stray baby hairs, but it still looks pretty hilarious.

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Kim Kardashian Hrush Achemyan blends the highlighter


Next up for Hrush is blending the highlighter. She explains: ‘Now what I’m going to do is be patting in the highlight that I apply, before I add any other colour into the mix.’

After this, the contouring begins. Hrush places a thin line of dark make-up below Kim’s cheekbones.

Kim Kardashian Hrush Achemyan starts the contouring process


So will you be taking Hrush’s unexpected tip? Or will you be sticking to your old method of application?