Kim Kardashian Admits To Sleeping With Make-Up On

Kim Kardashian is a make-up guru who’d never commit a major faux pas… right?

Wrong! The Keeping Up With The Kardashians lady, 35, has actually just admitted to one rather shocking beauty secret.

While presenting Charlotte Tilbury with the Make-Up Artist Of The Year gong at the Instyle Awards this week, Kim revealed that she sometimes sleeps with her cosmetics on. NAUGHTY.

> Kim Kardashian said something a *little* shocking at the Instyle Awards


This confession came about during Kim’s speech about why Charlotte is such an inspiration to her. And the main reason was pretty surprising.

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She said: ‘I first fell in love with her when she confessed that her husband has never seen her, ever, without make-up on. So she sleeps with make-up every single night.

‘The first time I met her, she told me the funniest story about how he walked in on her in the bathroom and she didn’t have her make-up on and she slammed the door, screaming. She’s my idol!

> Kim Kardashian presented Charlotte Tilbury with an award


‘She believes that make-up makes you feel empowered and confident… I respect that work is really put into it and I really respect how she is so business-savvy and she’s such a good person.’

We’ve all seen Kim fresh-faced (on very rare occasions), so we know her hubby Kanye West must have too.

But we’re a teeny bit worried that Kim’s love of Charlotte’s unique lifestyle may be causing her to learn some rather bad habits.

> Kim Kardashian has called Charlotte Tilbury her ‘idol’


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According to The Cut, the pregnant reality star continued: ‘She’s inspired me when I am really lazy and I can’t do my make-up the next day, so I’ll sleep in my make-up.

‘I know that’s probably the worst advice, but she has all the magic creams to put on the next day to make up for it.’

> We’ll never look at Kim Kardashian’s make-up routine in the same way again…


After that speech, you could probably just get her to come over with her kit…