Kim K Says She’ll Never Make These Beauty Mistakes Again


No one comes out the womb being a makeup maverick, that’s just not how it goes. As with all things, trial and error are necessary before you cam spread your wings and become a beauty butterfly.

If anyone knows this it’s Kim Kardashian. She might now have her own makeup line, but the star was definitely not always the beauty queen she is today.

In a recent post on her app she admitted that she’s been through her fair share of ‘oh dear’ moments, one of them and most notably our favourite was the coordination between her eye shadow and her outfit.

“I love a monochromatic look, but this was just so cheesy,” she said. “In the early 2000s, I would do a lot of bright colours, especially turquoise. I wore a turquoise top and turquoise eye makeup- and even turquoise flower hair clips!”

Oh Kim, we’re right there with you babe, it’s just our mistakes are hidden deep within Facebook albums and yours are unfortunately plastered all over the internet.

And its not just the scary eye shadow and dress combos that she’s guilty of. It might appear that she’s naturally a bronzed goddess, but actually Kimmy gets her golden complexion from the bottle just like most of us have to.

While her caramel complexion is now essentially flawless, it wasn’t always that way and she went through a phase where her skin resembled an orange more than it did, well skin. She has since learned to fire her old spray tanner, probably, but also that you have to do a hell of a lot of exfoliation before you apply any tanning products.

“Otherwise, the spray tan will look blotchy and uneven,” said Kim. “I also use spray tan mitts and scrub my whole body, so I’m completely exfoliated.” We can probably all learn from her mistakes, so thanks Kim. Oh and no one’s judging.