Khloe’s Super Affordable Daily Skincare Routine

She might have the cash to splash but Khloe reveals on her app how she loves a good beauty bargain just like the rest of us.

To keep her skin looking young, healthy and dewy on a regular basis, Khloe uses a lot of simple remedies you can try at home (with none of those vampire facials in sight!).

Before she begins though, she explains that a good complexion starts with hydrated skin by drinking lots of water and wearing a high SPF everyday. Okay so these two tips are nothing new but if it works for her that well, we’ll start filling up our water bottle ASAP.


Now onto the products she uses…

One of her favourites is none other than Bio-Oil, which has been proven to improve an uneven skin tone and even improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

The smallest Bio-Oil starts at just £6.29 and Khloe says, “I cover my face in oil every night. I love Bio-Oil and Vitamin E, and I just use Aquaphor on my eyes. All of this stuff is super cheap and can be found in any drug store.”



Aquaphor by Eucerin is a Soothing Skin Balm, £9.00 and is clinically proven to support the regeneration process of the skin.  And as the name suggests, its super moisturising and hydrating. Result!

Vitamin E capsules on the other hand are £4.59 and one to four can be taken daily with meals to protect sells from oxidative stress.


By Sophia Pathak @sophia_pathak