Khloe Kardashian Swears By This Post-Gym Snack

The 31-year-old lists the sports leggings and healthy snacks she loves....

Khloe Kardashian has shared her ultimate gym essentials with us all. And we’re thanking her for it, because just look at that body.

We all know that the 31-year-old is now a total veteran when it comes to working out. But every girl’s got her own gym bag must-haves – water bottle, FitBit, headphones – so what are Khloe’s?

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Well, in a new post on her website, ‘The Workout Must-Haves I’m Obsessed With Right Now’, Khloe explains.

‘When it comes to working out and leading a healthy lifestyle, I’m always trying new things’, she writes. ‘If I find something I love, I make it a part of my routine – it’s all about creating healthy habits! Here are some of my latest fitness must-haves.’

1. The drink


‘I’m obsessed with Celsius!!! This is Russell Simmons’ company and the drinks actually boost metabolism and increase stamina. I drink this before a workout for better results.’

Celsius Energy Drink, £5.19

2. The leggings


‘I basically live in workout pants. After a gym sesh I’ll wear them around the house, or out to run errands. Lululemons always work and hug in all the right places.’

LuluLemon High Times Pant, £82

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3. The healthy snack


‘Justin’s squeeze packs are the BEST snacks! I always have a bunch of these in my purse in case I get hungry on the go. They keep me full until I have time to prep a healthy meal! Literally every flavour is bomb!’

Justin’s Almond Butter Vanilla Squeeze Packs, £4.40

4. The equipment


‘Resistance bands are sooo good for at-home workouts. They intensify exercises like squats, leg lifts and lateral walks. I use them when I train with Gunnar AND when I’m working out alone—plus, since they’re so lightweight, they are perfect for travel.’

Black Mountain Resistance Loop Bands Set, £10.95