So Khloe Kardashian Has Some Weird Gym Habits

Khloe Kardashian has worked to become a total fitness icon.

The reality star has been through quite the journey over the past year, transforming her body and her lifestyle.

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In an interview with Shape, the starlet has admitted that her gym habits are anything but conventional.

She explained, ‘When I look good at the gym, I’m inspired to do an extra squat or an extra lunge. Just because you’re going to work out, you don’t have to look like a slob.’

Khloe works out with her sister Kourtney Kardashian 

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Khloe admits that she gets her glam on, even whilst working out: ‘I also always wear hoop earrings; they’re like my security blanket. People laugh at me, but why not? They make me feel more dressed up.

‘I also wear makeup when I work out. I put on a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and cherry lip balm, and fill in my eyebrows. If I feel cuter with a little lip color and mascara, why should anybody else care?’

Fair point, chick. Whatever makes you feel good.

In the wake of her sporty cover, the 35-year-old has taken to Instagram to share another workout snap, showcasing her teeny tiny waist in some leggings and a crop top.

We’re obsessed with Khloe’s neon Nike trainers…¬†

But, she’s confessed that all isn’t quite what it seems.

Alongside the picture, which has over 400,000 likes so far, she says, ‘I’m totally sucking in…’

Well, we’re feeling inspired to buy some stylish new sportswear now.

Thanks, Khlo.