Khloe Kardashian’s Fridge Is So Organised It Hurts

Khloe Kardashian is fast becoming our FAVOURITE celebrity home-owner.

First, she showed us how to organise our jewellery. Then, she taught us how to make our cookie jars pretty. And now, she’s letting us take a peek at her super organised fridge. 

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khloe kardashian fridge Khloe explains that she loves grazing on fresh fruit and chopped vegetables…


We all know the 31-year-old is a sucker for neat and tidy storage solutions, but this is something else.

In a new video posted on her website, entitled ‘Khlo-C-D Refrigerator’ (LOL), the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shows us how she keeps her edibles in order. 

I’ve had some requests to do my refrigerator’, she says. ‘Come on and join me.’

khloe kardashian fridge Condiments go on a special shelf as that’s where the fridge is warmer


Featuring rows and rows of immaculately stored foodstuffs, Khloe’s fridge was packed full of Diet Coke, iced cucumber water, five different types of bread and NINE sticks of butter. 

Oh, and there were also three different kinds of mayonnaise, a designated plastic tub to separate her sliced veggies to ‘graze throughout the day’, and her very own bacon holder. Yep, you heard us. A BACON holder.

‘I’m a big snacker, so I have all my pre-cut veggies and fruits all the time… Strawberries, blackberries, whatever,’ Khloe said. Talking about her bacon holder, which is a plastic box exactly the same size as a packet of rashers, she called it ‘a nifty little device’.

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khloe kardashian fridge Khloe explains that there is a ‘method to her madness’ when it comes to her fridge…


Explaining that she keeps her drinks on the top shelf ‘because that’s where it gets warmest, Khloe added: ‘There is a method to the madness when it comes to placing everything in your refrigerator.’

And it’s almond milk only for this healthy lady. ‘I don’t drink regular milk anymore’, she said. ‘I don’t drink Pellegrino or Perrier but my nieces and nephews do and a lot of people in my family do.’

Other genius tips included keeping boxes of baking soda in the fridge to prevent odours, and always using glass containers instead of plastic. Thanks, Khlo!

khloe kardashian fridge We spy cookies!


Whilst her fridge is clearly super healthy, we were pleased to see a packet of chocolate chip cookies, whipped cream and plenty of cheese in there too. Because she’s only human. 

It also impressed on Twitter, too.

‘I’m gonna show this to my parents cause our fridge is a mess’, one fan commented. Keep them coming, Khloe!

khloe kardashian cookie jar hloe Kardashian recently filmed another segment about how to organise your cookie jar..