Fans Think Khloe Kardashian Is Lying About *This* Picture

Khloe Kardashian decided to work her new favourite hairstyle on Instragram yesterday – boxer braids.

The 31-year-old uploaded three shots of her super long braids, which she teamed with a bright red lip and lashings of mascara. 

‘Had to get KhloMoney back today Braided by @shidacoiffeur and face beat by @styledbyhrush’, Khlo wrote.

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> Apparently, Khloe’s face is causing shock amongst her fans…


But whilst we were sat there thinking about how amazing she looked, the comments underneath were focused on something else entirely. 

‘OMG where is Khloe?! This is not even your face anymore’, wrote one concerned fan.

‘She looks like she’s has so much work done on her face :(‘, mourned another.

> Do YOU think Khloe’s face has changed that much?


Another user added that they thought Khloe was trying to compete with her sisters, asking: ‘Why u girls competing wit each other on who can get the most work done? Just sad I used to like u before u got tainted… [sic]’

As for our thoughts? Well, let’s back up a second. Firstly, Khloe has admitted that she’s lost 40 pounds over the past few months through diet and exercise. 

And we all know how much that can change a girl’s face, right?

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> Khloe admits she’s lost around 40 pounds over the past few months


Khloe also backed this up by recently stating that a cosmetic surgeon pal told her that your nose can appear more pert after weight loss, so there’s that.

Secondly, let’s not forget that the star’s been hit by rumours of facial surgery before, and here’s what she said.

‘Let me set the record straight, once and for all: I haven’t had any fillers or done any plastic surgery’, read Khloe’s blog post aptly entitled ‘My Face is Filler-Free B****es’.

> We all know boxer braids give you an instant face lift, right?


Thirdly, have you seen how tight those braids have been woven?! Instant face lift, people.

So let’s all pipe down and simply admire her Instagram feed for giving us some seriously ah-mazing make-up and hair inspo, yes?

> Khloe is looking fitter than ever these days, and credits that to her changing look