Khloe Kardashian’s Frizzy Hair Solution Is One To Steal

Khloe Kardashian must have a beauty cabinet packed full of gorgeous products. But want to know her top five? Of course you do.

The 31-year-old might have tonnes to choose from, but like every girl, she has her firm favourites that she won’t go anywhere without. But don’t expect a simple Chapstick and a bit of blush, oh no.

Because this glamourpuss is a fan of some slightly more unusual beauty buys that keep her hair silky and her glow fresh – coconut oil infused anti-frizz sheets, anyone?!

‘I rock heavy with these beauty products – everything from oil blotting sponges to ancient Indian clay’, Khloe wrote in a new post on her website called ‘6 Beauty Products I Love RN‘. 

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‘They’re just so f***ing good! I keep buying them over and over again, so you know I had to share my fave products with you. Here are the 6 beauty things I’m obsessed with right now.’

First up, anti-frizz sheets. Yep, Khloe uses special oil infused sheets to smooth down her hair throughout the day. Genius!

‘Coconut oil-infused sheets tame frizz and keep my curls looking tight and right (and it’s so easy to keep them in my purse)’, she writes.

Nunzio Saviano Anti Frizz Sheets, £12.60


Next up, Khloe admits to a skin dilemma that we didn’t know she had to deal with – oily skin. Her solution? Portable blotters.

‘I hate being oily so I take these portable oil “blotters” with me everywhere. They suck EVERYTHING up’, she gushes.

Beauty Blender Blotterazzi, £16


Khloe then mentions a beauty tip she learnt from Egyptian queen Cleopatra herself – Indian healing clay as a face mask. Ooh.

‘Three words for you: Indian. Healing. Clay. Supposedly Cleopatra used clay to get a deep pore cleansing so if it’s good enough for her, than you know it’s good enough for me’, says Khloe.

Indian Healing Facial Clay, £8.99


To keep her hands smooth and hydrated, Khloe uses OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil (£14.30) as an all-over hand cream. ‘This super thick oil is good for my dry cuticles, but I use it all over my hands!’ she explains.

After mentioning her beloved Real Techniques make-up brushes, lastly, it’s all about Dr. Jart’s Cotton Sheet mask, which Khloe explains she uses after a hard day’s work.

‘Dolls, I put one of these sheet masks on and lay in bed to relax. It cools my skin down and I swear I feel like I’m at a spa even if I’m at home!’

Dr. Jart Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask, £5.20