KeraStraight Hair Treatment Reviewed


KeraStraight: a semi-permanent Brazilian Keratin treatment that is formaldehyde-free and promises silky smooth, more manageable locks.


Brooks & Brooks Salon

The Treatment

My treatment is done by the lovely Kayleigh Twigg, who makes sure she talks me through the entire process before starting it. The treatment itself can be tailored to your hair type; if your hair is especially curly or coarse the stronger one is recommended but there’s a weaker one for finer hair.

My frizzy nightmare pre treatment

First my hair is intensively washed with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove any product build up and open the hair cuticles. This shampoo is left on for 10 minutes. Next it’s on to applying the treatment, which is painted onto my hair in sections and left on to dry for half an hour.

My hair is then rough dried and meticulously straightened, to make sure even those annoying little baby hairs are silky straight. For those of you who have had the Brazilian Blow dry before, you may have experienced an unpleasant smelling, eye watering vapour coming from your hair when it’s straightened but I can promise you with this treatment there’s not one plume – no tears and no chemical smell.

The Cost

Anywhere between £180 and £260 depending how thick and long your hair is.

 It might seem a bit expensive, but think of it as an investment in the health of your hair. Because the treatment allows you to wear your hair naturally (without looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards), it means less heat styling, which means less damage, which, most importantly of all, means your hair will not only look more healthy it will grow faster and feel better, too. Two birds one stone, eh.

The Result

My hair looks as though its been injected with all the health it had before I’d ever even dreamt of running a pair of straighteners through it. It’s impossibly soft and shiny, and it has halved the amount of time it takes me to do my hair.

The amazing results

My hourly long battles with frizz are long gone and I’m not reaching for the straighteners at every turn, in fact I haven’t used them since! And while it has taken out a lot of the kink, it hasn’t left it poker straight, when left to dry naturally it looks more toussled beach babe (think Gisele mid ocean stride), less birds nest and still has tones of volume and body – basically the hair of my (all of our?) dreams. Hurrah!

My friends and family haven’t stopped commenting on how great my hair looks and I cant stop touching it and swishing it around like an idiot.

The best part? I’m told I can expect the results to last anywhere up to 5 months with the right after care (KeraStraight Shampoo and conditioner, £17.50).

I’m already booking in for my next treatment…

After my KeraStraight treatment

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