Keraplex: The Game Changing Hybrid Hair Treatment

The future of our strands is looking really, very good...

We are always told about the power of combination in the beauty world, after all where would we be without our essentially home made foundations, or lipstick layering? Nowhere, that’s where. So, seeing as layering and mixing are such big players in makeup and skincare, why aren’t they really utilized in the hair world?

Sure, you might mix a few conditioners together for a mini bespoke hair mask (no, just me?) but it got me thinking, imagine if you could combine hair treatments, wouldn’t that be a total miracle.

On a recent trip to Neville’s Salon in Knightsbridge I got chatting to stylist Dayne, who told me that he had created a bespoke hair treatment which combined, in my opinion the two best strand saving treatments on the market: Keratin and Olaplex, which he aptly named Keraplex.

Personally, my hair is a nightmare, it’s big and frizzy and all over the place and while everyone goes on about ‘how they wish they had curly hair’, trust me you don’t want my hair. When I first discovered Keratin treatments I genuinely thought I had found some sort of rare pink diamond. It made my hair everything I had always dreamed of: shiny, frizz free, more manageable, quicker drying times, so essentially he had me at Kera.

If you don’t already know, Olaplex is a treatment that, while sometimes confused with a conditioning formula, actually rebuilds the broken bonds in your hair caused by heat styling, bleaching, or any other chemicals. Olaplex allows people to dye their hair bleached blonde without it snapping off. Remember when Kim K went platinum overnight? Yeah, Olaplex, it’s a total hair game changer. So, the combination of the two – one smoothing and frizz fighting, the other bond building and damage reversing must equal perfect hair.

I was game for the treatment from the get go and booked in to get it a few weeks later. In between my treatment I decided to go blonde, because, why the hell not, it’s summer! So, post dye/pre treatment, you can imagine the condition of my already frizzy, porous and dry hair. Not great. I sat down, firmly prepared to leave with K Middy’s princess hair. I’ll give you the breakdown of the treatment.

1.    First, before any washing, Olaplex number 1is poured over my dry hair, this is the bond multiplier and can actually be used on the hair as a stand alone treatment. This was combed through my hair and then left on for seven minutes.
2.    A generous amount of Olaplex number 2 is applied to my hair on top of number 1 and again combed through. This is left on for 20 minutes, but if your hair is less damaged it can be left on for 10.
3.    After 20 minutes has passed it’s time to wash my hair twice with a clarifying shampoo to remove any impurities. This doesn’t strip out the Olaplex.
4.    Next, my hair is fully dried and it’s on to the keratin treatment. He uses one called Agi Max and makes sure it’s thoroughly applied in small sections.
5.    A heater is then placed over my head for a further 20 minutes, which helps to open the hair follicles.
6.    The treatment is then blow dried into my hair using a brush and finally straightened.
I’m not allowed to wash it for two days, but to be honest it really doesn’t look horrendously bad by day two, so I leave it for another day just for good measure.
By day 3 I was so excited to wash my hair I literally bounded into the shower. As always, make sure that you use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner so you don’t strip the treatment out.

I like to leave my hair to dry naturally after a treatment as a real test to see how effective it’s been. Considering I would usually rather set my savings on fire than leave the house with my naturally dried, product free hair, I couldn’t quite believe how soft, shiny and manageable it was.

After the Keraplex treatment
There is literally no frizz and the texture seems to have reverted back to my virgin hair before i discovered straighteners/bleach. The biggest change (apart from the obvious) is to my roots; long gone are those annoying coiled baby hairs which love to rear their ugly head in the hotter months and in their place are pin straight silky hairs. Rather than the good 2 hours it takes me to prep and dry my hair I can wash my hair and leave it to dry, without looking like an extra from a Rocky Horror Show. I am that carefree Cali girl I picture when I think of gals with good hair.

Taking into consideration I had half a bucket of bleach put through my hair not too long ago, there is little to no visible damage to my ends (thank you Olaplex) and the best part is, my hair isn’t poker straight, its still got body and movement and a slight beachy wave. Win win. If I want to wear it straight I can blow dry it in about 10 minutes, vs the usual 45+.

The verdict? If you’re looking for silky, smooth, manageable hair post holiday, bleaching or heat styling, or if you’re just desperate to reverse the damage you’ve done, this treatment is definitely for you.

Keraplex is £350 and only available at