Kendall Jenner’s Tattooist Reveals Something Surprising

Let’s admit it – we were all a little bit confused when Kendall Jenner unveiled her first ever tattoo.

The model, 19, got a teeny tiny white dot inked on her finger earlier this summer, which seemed a tad insignificant (soz, Kendall).

But now her tattoo artist has revealed that there’s actually an extra-special meaning behind her miniscule inking. And we kinda like it.

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> Kendall Jenner showcases her inking


Jonathan Valena – who’s known as Jon Boy and works at New York’s West 4 Tattoo – tells the New York Post: ‘To her, it represents the little things that matter.

‘She is a model, so she was very mindful of what she was getting.’

Kendall got her etching to match pals Joe Termini and Harry Hudson’s. Naww. Her BFF Hailey Baldwin was also there to be branded with a delicate ‘G’.

> Hailey Baldwin had a little ‘G’ etched behind her ear


This was in honour of her pastor’s daughter Georgia, who’d been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Despite their artworks being so small, the girls were still pretty apprehensive while sitting in Jon Boy’s chair.

The 35-year-old continues: ‘They both were nervous about getting tattoos, so I had to tell them the pros and the cons of what the tattoo will look like over time.

‘If I sense that a person is not ready to get inked, I tell them to go home and think about it.’

> Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner are close pals


The ladies clearly felt way more comfortable after their tatts were finished. They’ve now got a set of co-ordinated finger inkings.

They both have broken hearts (what could that mean?!), with Kendall keeping up the white theme and Hailey, 18, going for a red colour.

But Hailey isn’t a total newbie to the tattoo scene. She first got inked by Jon Boy as a teen after meeting him through their church.

‘I met Hailey when she was 17. She asked her dad [Stephen Baldwin] for a tattoo, and he said it was okay to get it once she turned 18,’ he says.

> Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin now have matching heart tatts


‘So a few months passed, and I gave Hailey her first one, which was a Roman-numeral tattoo of her parents’ wedding date on her left wrist.

‘Whenever Hailey comes in, she always requests Drake. Any song by him is good. I have done five tatts for her so far.’

We wonder if Kendall will follow suit. She does seem to have caught the bug…