Kendall Jenner Reveals All About That Lob Haircut

When Kendall revealed her chopped ‘do earlier this year we had no idea she’d lost inches for *this* reason…

As one of the Kardashian-Jenner Klan, Kendall Jenner’s glossy raven hair is a signature feature. Unlike her siblings, Kenny likes to keep her look on the natural side of things and her ponytail long. So, when she revealed a much shorter lob on Instagram we gaped. Had she really done the deed and lopped off inches? Dramatic, us?

The answer was yes but not for the reasons we had thought. Rather than just being bored of her long swishy hair Kendall’s cut came because her work required it. And when we say work we mean Vogue, darlings.

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That’s right. For her first ever Vogue US September issue (aka as the one EVERYONE wants to get their face all over), Jenner was snapped first with long hair and then a lob. Well, you can hardly say no to Anna Wintour, can you?

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The model revealed all about her new lob on her app, writing, “As I mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel, it was sort of a collaborative effort specifically for this shoot. The first day, though, we shot with my normal hair and after we finished the second day, they chopped it. I was glad to have a night to get used to it and be confident that it worked with all of our visions. Now, I feel like it’s actually my perfect cut.


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Kendall has had to switch up her look temporarily for work before. Remember when she donned a blonde wig for that incredible Balmain catwalk? And her BFF, Gigi Hadid, went brunette? The pair had a brilliant time in Paris messing with the paparazzi’s minds. While Gigi (surprisingly) looked a little plain in her brown wig, Kendall fully worked the blonde.

Kendall has already settled into her new lob, finding cool ways to style her in-between-y look. Our fave? The half-up, half-down hun. What a babe.

By Ellen Kerry