Kendall Jenner’s Guide To Getting The Glow

When it comes to the natural, dewy look, Kendall Jenner is queen.

The 20-year-old model manages to look flawless 24/7, and whether she’s storming a celebrity party or simply hanging out with her BFFs, one thing that always remains the same is that natural-looking, flawless skin.

This is a girl who’s never been a big fan of the heavily made up look, which is why she’s our ultimate beauty idol when it comes to fresh-faced make-up.

And guess what? She’s just done her first ever make-up tutorial. We’ve watched it, and it’s great. Here’s what we learnt.

kendall jenner makeup tutorial Kendall applies the hydrating lotion all over her face to start


1) Hydration is key

Kendall used to suffer from acne back in her teens, so it’s not like she’s always been blessed with blemish-free skin. But she’s a girl who knows that your glow starts before you even put on your make-up. Explaining that she uses Estee Lauder’s Beam Team (£34), Kendall says she starts with the hydrating cream ‘that makes your skin really, really glowy.’ So, how does she apply it? ‘Put a little bit on your fingers, rub it around and apply it all over your face’, Kendall says.Tick.

kendall jenner makeup tutorial The Beam Team has a cap with a hidden highlighter inside


2) Natural, not caked

When it comes to skin, Kendall prefers to stick to the less-is-more mantra. Which is why she often forgoes foundation entirely to let her real skin shine through. ‘I love seeing girls with that natural glow’, she confesses. Yep, us too. 

kendall jenner makeup tutorial It’s all about the application for her highlight


3) Highlight, highlight, highlight

Of course, perfect skin is never complete without a little bit of help in the highlight department. And whilst her sister Kim Kardashian is all about strobing, Kendall only uses one product to make her cheekbones pop… And it’s all about the application. ‘For the highlighting cream, I like to apply it on my cheekbones, on my bridge of my nose a little bit and around [my forehead]’, Kendall explains in her video for ELLE.


Et voila! A perfectly dewy, lit-from-within look. And it only took one product? Thanks KJ!