Kendall Jenner’s Lip Tattoo Is Already Fading

The model’s cheeky tatt isn’t going to stand the test of time according to her rep…

Unless your name is Cara Delevingne, most models aren’t huge fans are getting tons of tattoos all over their bodies. Fair enough when you think designer brands are paying them lots of cash to model their wares. The might not want a portrait of Michael Buble or (whatever takes your fancy) distracting people from the designs. Kendall Jenner cleverly avoided any such issues by getting a new tattoo *inside* her mouth. But is it fading?

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Unfortunately for Kendall, it’s already fading. Pretty annoying when you’ve gone through the pain of getting the thing!

The Model’s New Tattoo Is Fading Fast

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The catty tatt isn’t Kendall’s first. The 20-year-old already had two teeny tattoos, both in red ink. A broken heart on her finger to match BFF Hailey Baldwin’s and the word “sanity” written phonetically on her lower hip. The mouth tatt is her third.


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Kendall Already Has Three Tattoos

Opening up to Allure, Kendall revealed her new tattoo to photographer Patrick Demarchelier. The words “meow” in black ink is etched on her inner lower lip. The new inking won’t be around forever though because lips tatts are known to fade over time. Perhaps why the brunette decided to get hers done? Kendall’s rep has confirmed the model’s ink has already shown signs of fading.

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Jenner’s “meow” was done by trendy New York tattoo artist Jonboy West 4 Tattoo. The tattooist shared a snap of Kendall on his Instagram looking seriously fierce, pulling down her bottom lip to show the design. Kenny paid a visit to Jonboy with pal Jordyn Woods.

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The Vogue regular isn’t Jonboy’s first famous customer. The popular skin scribbler has had a few famous types visit his salon. Gigi Hadid’s ex-boyfriend Cody Simpson had a simple single line on his forearm and Justin Bieber’s gal pal Sofia Richie got a scribble behind her ear.

By Ellen Kerry