Kendall Jenner Is Launching A Glow-In-The-Dark Eye Shadow Palette

If today’s news is anything to go by Kylie is no longer the only Jenner sister making waves in the world of beauty.  

Yep, Kendall Jenner has revealed in an exclusive video that she’s designed her very own eye shadow palette. Eek!

Containing 14 different shades, the palette comes complete with a range of matte, shimmery, and black-light-activated, glow-in-the-dark shades, natch. And from what we can see this is a game changing party makeup product. 


Working with beauty giants Estee Lauder the palette she’s created will hit US stores in March, and come over the pond soon after. Kendall became a spokesperson for Estee Lauder last year and up until now had only designed one product for the brand: the Restless red lipstick. We loved this lipstick so have VERY high hopes for its sister palette.

Talking about her experience of designing an eye shadow palette she commented, “I’m totally freaking out inside and my head is like exploding”.

Unlike her contouring loving sisters, Kendall prefers a more natural makeup look and this is reflected in the palette she’s designed.

“The palette is super me obviously because I created it. I’m very simple so like a lot of the colours are pretty simple,” she said.

Speaking about her favourite colours she said: “For me, it’s always the tans or light browns that I blaze through. The pastels are ALWAYS left behind.”

Priced at £33.57 we predict this palette will be a sell out. We can’t wait to get our hands on one. 

Kendall’s world domination continues…