Why Is Kendall Jenner Stressing Out About Her Hair?

Kendall Jenner is grabbing attention in more ways in one right now.

First up, CAN WE JUST talk about thoat see-through top? The 20-year-old stepped out in New York with model pals Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin yesterday rocking a black body that pretty much showed her entire chest, nipple piercing and all.

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Now, Kendall being Kendall, she managed to pull it off in her oh-so-model-esque way, but still – pretty racy for our girl, no?

We can’t decide whether she knew full well what she was doing by not wearing a bra, or genuinely didn’t realise how sheer her off-the-shoulder body was. Either way, she’s certainly got people gawping at those images today…


The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also had another thing to worry about yesterday when she had a major hair crisis on Snapchat.

Kendall was busy getting her hair ‘did at a swanky New York salon, but whilst enjoying a relaxing head massage, she and her stylist discovered something unexpected.


Showing a close-up of a stray grey hair resting on her leg, Kendall explained to the camera that the stylist ‘just pulled this hair out of my head and cant tell if it’s grey or blonde.’

She then wailed: ‘It’s blonde right?’

LOL. We’ve all had them, KJ. Don’t stress, girl – that’s what box dyes are for.