Kendall Jenner Just Made One *Big* Change To Her Face

Woah. So Kendall Jenner has debuted a rather startling makeover on Instagram.

Despite the 20-year-old only changing one little thing about her appearance, she’s managed to totally transform her face.

This was pretty evident in a photo she posted at the weekend, which she fittingly captioned: ‘trippy.’ Because it really was…

> Kendall Jenner’s been experimenting with her eye colour


But before you start thinking that Kendall’s had some kind of surgery to alter her looks, she’s actually done something far more simple.

Instead of posing with her natural brown eyes, she was rocking bluey-green peepers. Which we’re guessing she achieved with either contacts or clever Photoshopping.

We’re not sure whether it was this new shade or the fierce piercing gaze, but Kendall suddenly seemed like a whole new woman. Miaow, lady.

> Kylie Jenner tried a pale shade last year


Of course, she’s not the first Keeping Up With The Kardashians girl to experiment with eye colour.

Last year, her younger sibling Kylie Jenner tried on pale lenses just ‘for fun’.

Then in February, their big sister Kim Kardashian worked matching bright blue contacts with her husband Kanye West.

> Kim Kardashian went for a ‘wolfie’ look


Despite the couple’s pairs being far from natural-looking (unlike Kendall and Kylie’s), Kim and Kanye oddly suited the Halloween-style vibe.

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And Kim was clearly aware that they were a teeny bit spooky, writing alongside a photo of herself: ‘Wolfie.’

> Kanye West has got on the trend


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It’s not only the Kardashian/Jenner klan who’ve been getting into the contacts lark – Selena Gomez donned a grey hue for her performance at the Victoria’s Secret show in November.

As we all know, Kendall made her VS modelling debut on this runway, walking alongside BFF Gigi Hadid and pros including Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepole and Lily Aldridge.

> Selena Gomez changed her look for the Victoria’s Secret show


Hmmm. We wonder if that’s where she got her inspiration…