Kendall Jenner’s Been Hiding A Major Insecurity

Take one look at Kendall Jenner, and it’s clear to see she’s a girl with bags of confidence.

Whether she’s backing up her booty on Instagram or pulling her fiercest model pose on the runway, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star never lets her sassy, playful demeanour slip.

But now, the 19-year-old has revealed that she’s spent half of her life battling with a serious insecurity – her skin. 

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kendall jenner as a young teenager The model admits that she used to have terrible acne when she was a young teen


In a candid new post on her website, Kendall reveals that she had a period of dealing with terrible acne when she was a young teen. 

‘I had such bad acne when I was younger; I remember it SO well’, she said. ‘I started having skin issues around the 8th or 9th grade.’

Recognising it’s something that a lot of kids go through, she explained that for her, it seriously affected her confidence.

kendall jenner with pink hair The model says she was too nervous to speak to boys when her skin was bad


‘I think I just got acne from being a teenager and simply growing up, which happens to SO many people,’ she said. ‘But, where it really impacted me was how self-conscious I became about it. It completely ruined my self-esteem.

‘I wouldn’t even look at people when I talked to them. I felt like such an outcast; when I spoke, it was with my hand covering my face.’

Luckily, her older sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were on hand to offer up some valuable pieces of advice: Keep your hands off your face, and never pick. Wise words, ladies.

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kendall jenner batman bunny mask ‘Batman bunny’, Kendall recently captioned this Halloween-inspired snap


Kendall went on to say that her bad skin prevented her from speaking to guys at school as her confidence was so low. Naw, KJ!

Luckily, those days are all behind her, with the model citing her ‘incredible dermatologist’ as one of the reasons her skin cleared up, as well as simply growing out of it.

‘I’ve been acne-free for about three years now,’ she added. ‘What I want everyone to understand is that it’s been a process: It wasn’t anything that happened overnight.

kendall jenner and mum kris at balmain show Now, the model’s skin looks blemish-free, although she says having ‘one zit’ still knocks her confidence


‘Even after things started to clear up, it took a solid amount of time to be okay with my skin and gain back my confidence,’ she said.

‘But slowly, I’m working towards not caring and I’m just in so much of a better place about it all now that I’m older,’ she concluded. ‘I realised that it’s a part of life for some people and it doesn’t define who you are.’

kendall jenner bum in calvin klein jeans Kendall oozes confidence these days, recently showing off her pert bottom on Instagram