Kelly Brook Defends Photoshopping Her Instagram Photos

Kelly Brook has hit back at those who’ve criticised her for Photoshopping her Instagram pictures.

The 35-year-old came under serious fire at the weekend for appearing to edit one of the snaps taken at the launch of London restaurant Ping Pong last week.

She’d posted a selection of images from the event, giving fans a good look at the figure-hugging sparkly midi dress she’d opted for.

> Kelly Brook wore a plunging number at the event


Kelly (and her body) looked ah-mazing in the outfit. However, certain parts of her physique looked somewhat different in the aforementioned shot.

Followers accused her of significantly slimming down her waist, calling her ‘pathetic’, ‘vain’ and ‘sad’. Eek.

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> Kelly Brook was accused of altering her waist in this image


But the furore didn’t seem to get Kelly down. Instead, she posted a photo from another occasion – and confessed in the caption that she DOES use Photoshop from time to time.

She’s certainly not ashamed of this fact, comparing her use of editing to wearing hair extensions or getting plastic surgery.

Kelly wrote: ‘Depending on Camera Angles and Clothes my size comes in to question a lot. The pictures I post are not unrealistic to who I am. I embrace my Curves and love my body.

>instagram-1.jpg" title="Kelly Brook went on *quite* the Instagram rant"> Kelly Brook went on *quite* the Instagram rant


‘Slightly photoshopping pics is no different to women wearing fake hair, putting chicken Fillets in their bras, squeezing into Spanx or having filler and Botox in their face. None of which I do.

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‘We all want to look our best in pics. So let’s all focus on the positive and be nice to each other. Having your waist smaller makes your curves bigger!!!!

‘I love that and that’s the look I aspire too. Natural and Curvy #CurveGate.’

> Kelly Brook isn’t bothered by what people think


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