Sleek back ponytail was top of Katy's beauty look

Katy Perry Shows Off A Sleek Pony For The Super Bowl

Yesterday the star-to-be of the Super Bowl, Ms Katy Perry wowed us at the press conference in her very own personalised NFL cheerleader crop top and pleated skirt ensemble. The singer, who’s performing at the half time break, also sported an American football necklace and matching earring set, how very fitting. It seems she’s totally loving the build up to the big event this weekend, we spotted her NFL inspired pedicured toes earlier in the week. But our favourite part of her look yesterday? Was her super glam, piled high, sleek ponytail. Want to recreate the look yourself? Watch our how-to video below and you’ll have the Perry ponytail nailed in no time.

Samantha Freedman