Katie Salmon Responds To Criticism Of Her Bold Eyebrows

We loved Katie Salmon on Love Island.

The 20-year-old was honest and sassy, and despite having a bit of a rollercoaster ride on the ITV2 dating show, managed to keep her humour throughout.

Cast your minds back a couple of weeks and you’ll remember that she first took a shine to fellow Islander Sophie Gradon, enjoying a smooch with the 30-year-old before asking her to partner up in the coupling ceremony.

> Sophie dumped Katie shortly after they’d coupled up


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But she was dramatically dumped shortly after, with Sophie admitting that her heart was still with ‘ex’ Tom Powell, who’d been voted off a few days earlier.

Pretty disappointing, huh? Luckily, Katie later had a little more luck, reaching the final with hunky Irishman Adam Maxted.

> Katie later enjoyed a smooch (or two) with Adam Maxted


However, it wasn’t just what happened on-screen that was upsetting for the Liverpudlian lass.

She also ended up being targeted by viewers on Twitter. Over her eyebrows, of all things. *Sigh*.

Some announced that they were ‘personally offended’ by Katie’s brows, while others joked that she must have drawn them on with a ‘Sharpie’. Not cool.



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Now Katie’s responded to the criticism, telling fans on Snapchat: ‘Well, I love my bushy eyebrows guys. These are natural, I only tint them, so if you don’t like them then…

‘I do admit that on some videos they look extremely dark, but it’s always the girls with the worst eyebrows in the world that say it.



‘But I just have to set the record straight on that one, because I actually love them and I just want to share that with all by beautiful fabulous supporters.

‘Today has been another crazy, crazy day and I’m absolutely loving my journey. Thank you so much for all your lovely words, it doesn’t go to my head.’

You tell ’em, lady. We can’t wait to see what you (and your fierce brows) do next.