In Defence Of Kate Middleton And Her Unpolished Toes

Okay, we need to talk about Kate Middleton‘s toes. It may seem a little odd, but bear with us. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently on a seven day official tour of India and Bhutan, and Kate has been dazzling us with her stylish outfit choices.

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But, unfortunately for her, a few snaps seem to have picked up some very unfair attention. Yup, we’re talking about her toes. 


The Duchess, who was wearing a gorgeous white midi dress, had to take off her heels so that she could walk across the grass at the Gandhi Smiriti museum, in order to pay her respects.

Naturally, the cameras decided to zoom in on her feet (ugh, we’re so pleased we don’t have to put up with that level of attention), and some were quick to point out her lack of polish.


Thankfully, a lot of people were quick to rush to her defence on social media.

One user wrote, ‘Why the heck is everyone up in arms about Kate Middleton not having nail polish on her toes? Now THIS dear friends is sexism at its finest.’

Other comments read, ‘Isn’t it possible she wanted natural, unpainted toes?’ and ‘jeeeez please leave Kate Middleton and her toes alone.’  


Body-shaming has gone and entered a whole new level. Sigh. 

Let’s all stop trying to label the ‘perfect’ body – and, apparently – the ‘perfect’ feet, shall we?