Kate Middleton’s Cut Her Perfect Hair *Sob*

We feel like we just got the chop!

Let’s be honest, if the Duchess of Cambridge sneezed too loudly, it would become breaking news. And as a modern-day female icon/fashionista, constantly featuring on the ‘best-dressed’ pages and causing brands to sell-out of items she is seen wearing in seconds, any alteration to her appearance becomes the next hottest trend.

So, OBVIOUSLY, when we caught a glimpse of our Kate’s new chopped locks, we were scrambling for the scissors immediately.

As Wimbledon is getting into its full swing (geddit?), we are seeing more and more of notorious tennis fans, Wills and Kate. But as the competition unfolds, the attention seems to have been more focused on the Duchess’ new bob rather than the tennis balls.

She only seems to have gone a few inches shorter, and by the looks of it, several shades darker, but the new do makes her look fresh, trendy and we would argue more youthful!


According to the PR for Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, his salon is responsible for the new look. This is great news, ladies, if you are planning a hot chop for summer and want to look like our future queen. You better book your appointments fast – although not without making a huge £300+ sized dent in your bank balance, of course…. (There’s always a catch!)

But we are loving it, Kate! What a yummy mummy she is!

Now pass us the strawberries and champagne…


By Ella Bull