What Kate Middleton’s Stylist Thinks Of Her Hair

Ever wondered what Kate Middleton’s hair stylist has to say for himself? Well, thanks to a new interview, now we know.

Richard Ward is the man responsible for keeping the Duchess of Cambridge’s tresses glossy and groomed, so clearly he knows his stuff.

And in a new interview with the Daily Mail, he offers up his true thoughts on Kate’s much talked-about fringe. Or ‘gringe’, as he likes to call it…

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‘I think the ‘gringe’ – or the grown-out fringe as it was called at the time – is feminine and pretty, and can break up someone’s face’, Richard says ‘A side-swept ‘gringe’ like Kate’s is good because it is forgiving and easy to grow out if the woman who has it isn’t a fan.’

Ward also revealed how Kate’s hair always looks so impossibly bouncy and voluminous. Tip: a brilliant blow-dry.



‘If you’re after expensive-looking hair like Kate’s, the key is the blow dry,’ Ward explains. And it all starts with squeaky clean hair, which should be dried when it’s at least 75% wet, he says.

And when it comes to the biggest hair sin you could commit? Overdoing it with the hair straighteners. Eek!

‘The biggest mistake people make is that they rough dry their hair too much and then attack it with a straightening iron,’ Richard warns. That’s us told, then.

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Instead, Richard recommeds achivieving volume by lifting ‘the hair from the roots as you dry it to really get to the cuticle of the hair.’ 

Ward’s final tip for super shiny, healthy locks is keeping it trimmed. ‘When you cut a good amount off hair of that length it does it the world of good’, he stresses.

And there you have it. Princess-worthy locks will be yours!