Why Everyone Is Talking About Kate Middleton’s Eyebrows

When Kate Middleton headed to London for the RAF Air Cadets‘ 75th anniversary at the weekend, she looked beautiful (as usual).

But there was something a little different about the 34-year-old’s face – and it definitely got people talking.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Kate’s brows were slightly darker, thicker and more defined than usual.


Yep. The Duchess of Cambridge has officially jumped on Cara Delevingne‘s bushy-browed trend. But instead of working them on the catwalk, she debuted them as she became the first female Honorary Air Commandant.

Kate’s taken over the position from her grandfather-in-law Prince Philip, which we think is pretty awesome.

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Of course, we’re not particularly surprised that Kate’s chosen to change up her look.

She’s been building up her eyebrows gradually, slowly filling them in bit by bit over the past couple of years.

If you take a look at this snap from 2014, you’ll notice that she appeared to leave the colour lighter and indulged in a tad more tweezing.

Kate Middleton’s eyebrows looked less defined in 2014


We also imagine that the application is all her own work. Kate doesn’t use a professional make-up artist and famously made up her own face for her wedding to Prince William in 2011.

Impressive, huh? But despite this, some people still felt the need to criticise Kate’s eyebrows after these recent snaps emerged. *Sigh*.

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Kate Middleton did her own make-up for the Royal Wedding


One Tweeted: ‘One is clearly thicker than the other..,’ while another wrote: ‘Painted eyebrows don’t look good on anybody.’

Um. Firstly, Kate clearly looks INCRED. Secondly, we’re all about people feeling confident enough to work any fashion and beauty look they choose.


Also, she’s a member of the Royal Family. So she could probably behead or something.

Let’s cut Kate some slack, yeah?!