Kat Von D’s Saint And Sinner Palette Is The Bomb, Obvs

Yes, yes and yes.

Back in the day, May 15th to be exact (not that we’ve been keeping tabs), Too Faced’s co-founder, Jerrod Blandino took to Instagram to show a sneak peek of his good mate’s, Kat Von D’s glorious new eyeshadow palette, Saint and Sinner. And yes – it looks flipping awesome.


The eyeshadows live within a black cathedral door and hold the most beautiful colourful shades known to man. From what we can see, the left side includes soft creams, browns and pinks whilst the right side includes more vibrant shades like yellow, blue and orange. We may have even spotted some glittery shades. Eeeeek.

So, if you’re someone who loves to sport more of an exciting and bright look every now and again, this palette may be the one for you.

However, since that Instagram tease we’ve been kept in the dark about the all important deets. So mean.

But FINALLY – Kat Von D, queen of bold and vivid makeup collections herself, officially dropped the details we’ve all been waiting for…

Jot September 19th in your calendar because people, that’s when we can get our hands on the long overdue Saint and Sinner eyeshadow palette on katvondbeauty.com for $62. Thankfully, it’s not long until then.

Taking to the Kat Von D beauty YouTube channel, Kat explains the inspiration behind her genius creation: “This was inspired by visiting cathedrals overseas and seeing like the light reflecting through the stain glass windows so the colour palette will be within that world.”

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She continues to awe over the palette (we don’t blame her) whilst confirming the softer shades on the right are in fact, ‘Saint’ and the more intense shades on the left are of course, ‘Sinner’. But don’t worry, Kat said so herself mixing it up is A-Ok: “Of course you can mix and match. I’m all over the place when it comes to this palette”.

She then lets us in on a small surprise – the top two pans are not your basic eyeshadows but an ‘amazing brilliant top coat’ called ‘absolution’ and ‘rapture’.

Beaming with pride, she says “I can’t wait for you guys to try. I hope you guys love it, I can’t wait for you guys to get it in your own hands.”

Neither can we Kat, neither can we…

By Sammie, Liu