Kat Von D’s Lock-It Brightening Powder Is The Answer To Your Dreams

Yet another amazing launch to get your teeth into!

We seriously think that in 2016 Kat Von D might be our beauty godmother. The tattooed make up queen has created some incredible products this year and she’s showing no sign of slowing down!

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Kat took to Instagram, her fave way to tease fans, to share the news of her next launch and it will definitely help save our skin during the post-party season.

The perfect partner to Kat’s Lock-It Foundation

After bringing the brilliant Lock-It foundation into our lives, the newest face-acing product will be a Lock-It Brightening Powder.

When a KVD fan posted this shot on Insta of her pre-Lock-It and post-Lock-It, it blew our minds. The foundation is the definition of high coverage; blurring and disguising even face tattoos! This lady’s large “WAYNE” tatt totally disappears after a smudge of Lock-It Foundation.

Hence our excitement over the powder partner! Coming mid-January, a.k.a the time when our skin needs help the most, Lock-It Brightening Powder is going to help boost even the saddest skin.

It disguises eye bags and shadows

The weightless formula brightens and smoothes the skin, making it perfect for under eye bags.

We won’t be keeping this powder solely for our baggy ol’ eyes. As it’s super lightweight and brightens, this little pot is perfect for setting making up and adding luminosity without any caking.

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The under eye area is in most need after the parties of November and December. Late nights, booze and general festive stress take their toll leaving us with blue-ish shadows under the peepers.

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Thanks to Kat (see, total beauty godmother), we can trick the world into thinking we didn’t REALLY party our health away over Christmas…