What We Learnt From Karlie Kloss’ First Make-Up Tutorial

Karlie Kloss has posted her very first make-up tutorial on her YoutTube channel Klossy. And it’s a blinder.

The Victoria’s Secret model (who has the most luminious skin EVER) is seen recreating her Met Gala 2015 look with make-up artist Sir John, who also beautifies Beyoncé, and we picked up some top model beauty tips along the way.

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Describing Karlie’s look as centering around ‘a feline liner’ with ‘a smoky appearance’, ‘luminous skin’, and ‘super-soft lips, make-up guru John then gets to work in just a few easy steps.

First up, brows. ‘KK is really blonde, so I’m going for a very fair, cool-colored pencil’, he explains before adding that eyebrows ‘can also become a statement piece’ and really define your face.


Next, eyes. ‘I’m not using a primer or a base,’ he says. ‘A lot of you guys are thinking, “Ooh, aah, that’s not that much color”. But this is gonna give her shape’.

John applies a taupe-coloured eyeshadow to Karlie’s eyes with a narrow shadow brush, before gently patting the colour into her lids. ‘Taupe is every girl’s best friend’, Kloss chimes in.


Then comes the feline flick, which John creates by taking a sparkly teal eyeliner pencil and sweeping it across her lid and upwards towards the end of her brows.

‘I’m gonna take a liner and we’re gonna go directly into the line. I’m gonna do a dot where I want my liner to end’, he says before marking under Karlie’s brow. ‘It’s okay to do maybe five to seven lines’.


After lining the bottom of her eyes, Sir John then applies mascara in a ‘toothbrush’ motion: ‘Back and forth, back and forth, pop’, he explains. 

Once finished, Karlie admires his work and says: ‘This is beautiful. This is sort of, like, a strong statement look for the eye. But when it comes to skin, I think less is more.’  

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And she’s right. With her gorgeous natural glow (how is that even possible?!), John only needs to add a ‘very tiny amount’ of foundation, applying it using the same trick Kylie Jenner loves – with a huge bristly foundation brush. Then, it’s just a few dots of concealer under the eyes.


Conouring is next, with Sir John using the same taupe shadow he used on her eyes for her cheeks, brushing it under her jawline, along her cheeks and on her temples. L’Oreal Lumi highlighter is then dotted onto the high points of Karlie’s cheekbones.

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And now for the best bit – a lip trick passed down from Beyoncé herself.


After applying a mauve-coloured lipstick onto Karlie’s bottom lip, Sir John tells her to press her lips together, making sure that her bottom one goes over her top one.

Nice look, lady!


A dot of finishing powder on her nose and forehead later, and Karlie’s done. Gorgeous!