Kim Kardashian is a big fan of layering up her lashes...

Kardashian-Approved Lashes: Huda Beauty Has Arrived

Want to know Kim Kardshian’s mega lash secret? Layering.

Patrick To, one of Kim’s make-up artists, has just revealed how her lashes always look so full and fluttery. 

‘When stacking lashes, I use two different styles. I apply the shorter ones on the bottom and the longer lashes on top so you can really see the dimension’, he told InStyle. ‘[Then], I would stick the lashes together first then apply them to the lash line for easy application.’

And which lashes are Kim, Kylie, Kendall and co crushing on right now? Huda Beauty.

kylie jenner Kylie’s also perfected her lash game…


Know the name? If not, it’s about time you should, because it’s the go-to brand for amazing lashes. Super blogging sensation Huda Kattan – one of the biggest, most successful and influential beauty bloggers in the world – is the face behind the brand.

Since starting her blog in 2010, Huda has managed to amass a whopping 7.8 million followers on Instagram (that’s more than President Obama), 44.1k on Twitter and over 741,000 subscribers on YouTube – we told you she’s huge. But as if that wasn’t enough, she started her own range of false lashes back in 2013 and has never looked back. Since the launch, they’ve been picked up and adored by thousands of make-up artists – most notably the Kardashian-Jenner clan!

Previously the wonder lashes have only ever been available in the US and Middle East – until now. One of our fave beauty websites,, have answered our beauty prayers and welcomed the brand to our shores. Before their launch last week they managed to drum up a waiting list of a whopping 7,200 – crazy! We think it’s about time you get in on the lash-action before they totally sell out.

Huda Beauty’s Giselle lashes, £12.50


And if it’s the ‘natural’ look you’re going for, practice this tip from Huda: “A lot of people tend to lay the lash downward so it’s almost sitting on the eyelash line, and then there’s a separation between their own lashes and the fake lashes,” she says. “You have to push the lash down onto your lash bed when you’re applying it. Then it looks more natural.”

There are ten different lashes to choose from, so whether you want maximum flutter power, or prefer using individual lashes for a more natural look, there’s plenty to choose from. Prices start at £12.50, but for that you’ll get synthetic, cruelty-free lashes that can be used up to twelve times. Just don’t forget the lash glue! Grab yours now at

Annie Quinton