Fans Accuse Kady McDermott Of Using ‘Photoshop’

Kady McDermott slays on Instagram. There’s really no denying it.

Even before the end of Love Island, we were totally addicted to fawning over her make-up selfies. Talk about eyebrow goals.

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It appears as though the 20-year-old has been receiving a bit of a backlash, though, with some fans questioning her use of ‘photoshop’. Err.

The reality star posed up a storm for her latest upload, showcasing the baby blues that grabbed everyone’s – Scott Thomas included, obvs – attention.

Kady’s latest Instagram picture has got quite a bit of attention… 

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But she had a message that she wanted to share with any haters, as Kady accompanied the shot with the line: ‘Oh and I do NOT wear contact lenses or use photoshop for the people that are adamant I do!’

The feisty brunette has always had super striking peepers, guys.

She did acknowledge one form of editing, though: ‘Just partial to a filter’.

Who isn’t?!

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Some continued to question her in the comment box, with reactions including: ‘Look at the caption lmao her whole eyeball is blue’ and ‘are they your eyes !?!?’


Others, however, supported her. Fans wrote: ‘Yay good ! She’s so beautiful…’ and ‘We all use filters! So what?! She’s still gorgeous’.

And with over 600,000 followers, she seems to have plenty that agree.

Keep it up, girl.