The Internet Has Gone Crazy Over *This* £14 Liquid Lipstick…

The last time this shade went on sale, it was sold out in a *day*....

We’d have no qualms in confessing that since the Kylie Jenner lip kit exploded onto the makeup scene, liquid lipsticks are probably the glue holding our make-up bag together.

So, we think it’s very important to keep you all updated on our liquid lipstick discoveries as we continue with our quest to collect them all (it’s like a real-life Pokemon Go).

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And what could be better than a non-drying, long lasting liquid lipstick in the prettiest mermaid-esque frosted rose gold shade ever?!

No, this is not the stuff of our wildest liquid-lipstick-fantasies. We give you, Jouer Cosmetics’ metallic lip creme…

A range *so* beautiful we’d even consider trading all our entire makeup collection to simply swatch it.

And, as pretty as they all are, it’s the shade Papaye that has really blown up the internet. To understand why this is happening, you need to check out Papaye in action…

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Papaye Lip Crème on @jadeywadey180 ?✨ Link in bio to pick up yours now! ? | #jouer #jouergirl #jouercosmetics

A photo posted by Jouer Cosmetics (@jouercosmetics) on

Yep- it looks like a combo of Unicorn tears and angel dust. *So* *pretty*.

Can it get any better? Sadly for us, it really can…


And, with the last batch of the Papayes selling out in just one day, it’s believed that there is already a list of thousands more hoping to get their hands on the next batch when they eventually restock.

We guess this means Jouer’s ‘cult beauty product’ status is well and truly confirmed, then.

According to the co-founder of online makeup mega-store Cult Beauty (who exclusively stock the brand), Jouer’s range is ‘The only liquid lipstick I’ve tried so far that doesn’t dry my lips to paper, while staying put all day no matter how much tea I drink (N.B. I’m British)’.

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Tea-Proof *and* only £14 a pop! We might just have to ‘accidentally’ slip and buy the entire collection. Oopsies…

To make the most of the Jouer liquid lipsticks, we’re told to ‘start by lining lips with the tip of applicator, then press lips together for full coverage colour that lasts for hours’.

And if you simply *can’t* wait for Papaye to become available again (*cough cough*), then you better head on over here and add yourself to the waiting list.

Alice Perry