John Mayer Snapchats His Very Pricy Beauty Regime

It's very lengthy and VERY expensive. We can't quite believe how much the singer's prods cost...

Grooming skills – not just beard trims and running a bit of gel through your hair, appaz. Modern men are all about taking care of themselves. None more so than John Mayer who shared his (intense) beauty regime on Snapchat!

Songwriter and serial dater John took to the social media platform to share his step-by-step beauty routine which is actually incredible. We had no idea Mayer was such a beauty buff! He uses cotton buds to apply lotions and *everything*. That’s dedication. Oh, and the whole lot comes to a whopping £1,153.99. Bargain, eh?

john mayer, beauty, snapchat

In the vid John says people always ask him “what are some of your skincare secrets?” and so he basically gave the people what they want!

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Ready for a rundown of Mayer’s beauty booty? Here goes…

First he washes his pampered chops with Proactiv. Then, he applies Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion in a technique Mayer the D.A.T. Direct Application Technique (bottle-to-face)… “Applying skin lotion to your hands and then rubbing into your face gets a lot of lotion stuck to the crease of your fingers, and that’s expensive.” Yes, at £468 a bottle that stuff IS expensive.

john mayer, beauty, snapchat

In a rogue move, John then applies his fancy Natura Bissé Extreme Eye moisturiser to his *whole* face because, he says, it’s really “just a better facial moisturiser.” That is £160, so… yeah.

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Got any lines around your mouth from too much happy smiling? John recommends you get some Natura Bissé Vitamin C complex on that. It’s only £158 a pop.

john mayer, beauty, snapchat

Set some time aside for the next part. Mayer takes 2 hours to apply Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme (£276) cream into what he calls Crucial Necessity Zones with a cotton bud.

Last but not least he spritzes the air with Natura Bissé Diamond Mist Spray then walks into it. That will set you back a measly £72.

Basically, if you want to look as youthful as John Mayer you will have to win the Lottery.

By Ellen Kerry