Did Holly Willoughby Break Girl Code On This Morning?

What’s worse than having lipstick on your teeth? Having nobody telling you you have lipstick on your teeth.


Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Jodie Marsh when she appeared on This Morning today. Eep.

Eep. Jodie Marsh had a *bit* of a make-up mishap during her interview


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While on the show, the 37-year-old spoke to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about her eight-month marriage to estranged husband James Placido.

She said: ‘I’m not going to talk about the disaster that was my marriage other than I am very embarrassed. I have had the worst luck when it comes to picking the right guy. Love is blind.’

Jodie Marsh had got very candid with Holly and Phil


Jodie then added that she was back to ‘square one’ when it came to having children, saying that she was hoping to fly to America to seek out the perfect donor.

But despite the emotional topic, it was actually Jodie’s make-up that got everyone talking.

One Tweeter wrote: ‘Poor Jodie Marsh. Wasn’t listening to what she was saying, as I was too distracted by the lipstick on her teeth #thismorning.’


Another said: ‘I really just want to wipe that lipstick of Jodie marsh’s teeth!!!!! #thismorningitv.’

It wasn’t only Jodie in the firing line – some TM fans were questioning why Holly, 35, hadn’t pointed out the mishap. Because, y’know, girl code.

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*Should* Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have told Jodie Marsh about the lipstick on her teeth?



Comments included: ‘Poor Jodie marsh being on this morning and having lipstick on her teeth! Shame on you holly for not saying something,’ and: ‘Maybe Holly could’ve told her she had lipstick all over her teeth before the interview ended.’

Luckily, Jodie didn’t seem too fazed by the sitch. She later wrote on Twitter: ‘Aw no one told me about lipstick on teeth. Never mind. It’s only a fun chat show! Hope you all enjoyed X X X.’

She also replied to a follower: ‘It’s very strange that neither of them said anything – I would have said if it was someone I was interviewing but I’m nice.’


However, some eagle-eyed watchers seemed to think that Holly did tell Jodie, but not until the programme was about to cut to an ad break. Hmmm.

Even if she didn’t, maybe she just didn’t want to draw attention to it live on national TV?

Whatever the case, Jodie pulled it off. Still looking gorge, lady!