People Are SLEEPING In Jewellery To Prevent Wrinkles

Say whaaaaaaat?

In the latest crazy attempt to win the war on wrinkles, there’s a slightly crazy new Pat Butcher inspired beauty trend. Because people have started wearing jewellery to prevent wrinkles. Specifically, their biggest, most spiky looking earrings to bed. Yup, for reals.

Jewellery to prevent wrinkles, yay or nay?

Basically it all started with the news / myth / potential fact that falling asleep on your back could prevent premature wrinkles. Essentially, it stops your face being smooshed into your pillow all night that some researchers think can crease up your cheeks.

And it’s an actual thing – Kim Kardashian has claimed to have ‘trained her body’ to sleep only on her back. A skill for the CV, you might say…

Just checked into our NYC penthouse. Thanks @airbnb for the gift of our home away from home.

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But if you’ve ever tried to sleep mummified on your back, you might have realised how blinkin’ hard it is. Within 5 minutes we’re curled up like a baby, one leg over the sheets and face well and truly planted into our pillow.

So in order to help people sleep purely on their backs – people are now taking to wearing big stabby earrings to bed, in the hope ( ) that their Pat Butcher earrings will stab them in the neck, should they DARE to turn over in their sleep.

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(Yup, a stab with a crucifix would be enough to keep us flat all night)

Whether or not wearing jewellery to prevent wrinkles actually works is yet to be seen. Unfortunately the majority of the LOOK office favour a good night’s sleep over being stabbed in the neck so we’re yet to put it to the test…

But hey, if you’ve ever worried about getting pillow-induced wrinkles, this could be your answer.

… That, or just buy a silk pillowcase?