These Are Jennifer Lopez’s Tips For Taking Selfies

We’ve been a teeny bit in love with Jennifer Lopez‘s Instagram page for quite a while now.

There’s the cute photos of her with boyfriend Casper Smart, the behind-the-scenes shots from gigs and the ah-mazing throwback snaps.

But the thing we’re most impressed by is her stunning selfies.

> Jennifer Lopez has got her friends in on the selfie action


J-Lo always looks incredible in these images – and now you can too. Because the 46-year-old has revealed exactly how she perfects her posts.

She tells InStyle US: ‘Hold your iPhone up high. It’s usually the best angle for most people.

‘Turn around in a circle until you find the best lighting before taking your photo.’ Great advice, Jen.

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> Jennifer Lopez often takes her selfies at a jaunty angle


Jennifer HAS been blessed with great genes, which makes her selfie-taking that much easier. But beauty bloggers tend to agree with her advice.

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In recent months, you may have noticed quite a few celebrities posting pictures with their phones up high and their heads tilted.

> Jennifer Lopez’s lighting is always on fleek


Blogger Ellarie recently told Allure: ‘Certain angles will make you look slimmer, and certain angles will cast shadows that bring out bone structure.

‘My personal preference when using my ring light is to hold the camera out in the middle of the ring, slightly above or at forehead level, and then tilt my face down and to the side.’

Jackie Aina adds: ‘Taking a photo at an angle is so much more flattering. It also enables you to get a better view of the make-up. Try it out!

> Ellarie looks ah-mazing in her Instagram selfies. Photo: @ellarie


‘Take a photo of your face straight on at no angle, then take another one where you tilt your face to the side. Watch yourself go from frumpy to fleek instantly.’

Well, if it’s good enough for J-Lo…