Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Routine Is Really Very Normal

We’ve just heard some Jennifer Aniston news that’s made us feel so much better about ourselves.

Thought the 46-year-old actress was perfectly groomed 24/7 and constantly being seen to by her glam squad? Nuh-uh. Jen is way more low-key than that.

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In fact, she doesn’t even wash her hair every day.

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston’s hair always looks dreamy


‘I’ll use a little bit of the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo on my roots on the second day after I’ve shampooed,’ Jennifer tells Allure.

Ah, a girl after our own hearts.

So what is Jennifer’s day-to-day beauty routine? Well, it’s actually REALLY simple. She continues: ‘Yesterday it took me 15 minutes to get up, get my hair done, and go.

‘I honestly just blow-dry it with my fingers around my hairline, and then I get the roots set, and then I’ll let the rest of the hair air-dry.’

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Jennifer Aniston is married to Justin Theroux


Jen’s locks are naturally wavy, so if she wants it straight she quickly blow-dries it with a ‘big, round brush’ her hairdresser Chris McMillan taught her to use.

And that’s not the only use this hairbrush has, with Jen joking: ‘I’ll whip that out and get a really good arm workout at the same time.’ Lolz.

Jennifer has been relying on Chris to create her most famous hair looks for years, including that famous ‘Rachel’ ‘do.

There’s a number of reasons why she’s so reliant on the stylist – and also why she kinda regrets some of the bouffants they’ve created together.

Jennifer Aniston with her 'Rachel' haircut Jennifer Aniston is famed for her ‘Rachel’ haircut


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‘Letting Chris cut my hair was just so major. He was the first person to really give me a haircut, and he taught me how to actually take care of my hair,’ she says.

‘He gave me the “Rachel”, which was a big, horrible mistake. I mean, it was great at the time, but it was a never-ending legacy for some reason.

‘And it only lasted for about six months because it just was hard to do. I loved it, but I couldn’t style it on my own. So Chris also just has that way of [making me be] completely reliant on him.’

Well, it seems to be working out pretty well.