Jenna Coleman’s Best Beauty Looks

The Queen Victoria star is *so* pretty

Remember when Jenna Coleman starred in Emmerdale as murderous Jasmine about a million years ago? The 30-year-old star has come a long way since her days in the Yorkshire countryside and hanging around in a phone box with Dr. Who. She’s now an actual queen!

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Jenna stars in Victoria, a new BBC drama focusing on 18-year-old Queen Victoria ascent to the throne. Played by our beauty heroine, Jenna.

To celebrate we thought we would spend some time staring at/stealing inspo from pics of the British babe’s best beauty moments. Because, well, why not?

jenna coleman, queen victoria, red lips

Classic Red

Jenna’s brunette, brown-eyed, olive skin colouring is ideal for a luxe red lip. She gave hers a modern spin, avoiding a classic cat’s eye flick and smudging in bronze eye shadow under the eye. Leaving her hair loose and wavy softened the overall look.

jenna coleman, beauty

Autumnal Vibes

Perfect for next season, wean yourself off fake tan and embrace a more natural you, a la Coleman. The earthy shadow tinged with dusty purple look cool teamed with matte mauve lipstick.

jenna coleman, beauty

Summer Goth

Proof she can work any trend. Jenna’s brown eyes + damson lip combo totally reboots her usually sweet ‘n’ girly look and looks intense worn with a Victoriana neckline. Try a lighter, dewier base for a less evening vibe.

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jenna coleman, beauty

*So* Naturel

She’s just. So. Pretty. Jen’s go-to look is all about classic brown shades, sweet lips and light blush. A touch of liner on both upper and lower eyelids helps to define her chocolaty brown eyes.

jenna coleman, beauty

Pretty In Pink

Jen’s big, groomed brows are her best features and they help to gives this ultra girly look edge. Jenna boosted her cheeks with a dusting of punchy pink blusher and a slick of posy-coloured gloss.

By Ellen Kerry